A healthy HVAC system can reduce airborne allergens and increase the energy efficiency and overall comfort level of a home or office. Though we rarely think about air ducts, they’re the crucial network of tubes that deliver clean, cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter to all the rooms in a home. If the air ducts are ill-maintained or leaking, the wasted air pouring into crawl spaces, walls and attics results in higher heating and cooling costs.

Bumblebee Home Inspection frequently finds homes in the Austin and San Marcos, Texas, area with questionable air duct cleanliness. We recommend consulting a professional for regular checks and cleaning.

Your HVAC system will perform better and last longer with regular ventilation duct inspections and care. A home inspector or HVAC professional can pinpoint issues and make recommendations to remedy them.

Some of the most common issues found are:

    • Improper air duct design, duct size
    • Leaks
    • Mold, dust and allergens inside the ducts
    • Improper fittings
    • Damaged flexible ducts

Improper air duct design

Many duct networks aren’t large or efficient enough to deliver an adequate amount of air flow. It is fact that most of the times an ineffectively planned and introduced framework can’t supply enough air to warm and cool your home successfully, regardless of the size of the HVAC unit.


Many duct networks aren’t large or efficient enough to deliver an adequate amount of air flow. It is fact the average home loses around 40% of the energy that circulates through its ducts, translating into real increases in cooling and heating costs! Leaky ducts make your HVAC work much harder. Getting your ducts fixed and insulated properly can take stress off the HVAC system. Ducts leaking just 20% of the conditioned air passing through them cause your system to work 50% harder.

Mold, dust and allergens inside the ducts 

Dust, dirt and mold can thrive in moist or dirty air ducts. Regular cleaning and changing air filters can help improve indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality is particularly dangerous for those with asthma, COPD or other respiratory sensitivities. Defective ducts can likewise permit toxins to enter your home. Contact Bumblebee Home Inspection to help you find a solution to this.

Improper fittings

Many times air duct system suffer from loose or poorly sealed supply registers and grills. Supply registers are vent-like units in walls, floors and ceilings where conditioned air blows. Checking these connection can keep your air duct framework from pointlessly working harder to counter the effect of poor seals.

Damaged flexible ducts 

Sometimes there is real damage to flexible plastic air ducts. These soft-sided tubes can suffer from kinks, tears and accidental dents that can leak out or restrict the air flow. If you have flexible ventilation work, check to ensure it is not wrinkled, smushed, torn or bent.

Maintaining and cleaning your air conditioner ductwork helps your HVAC system run more efficiently, saves energy and helps improve indoor air quality.

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