Wedge cracks develop as a result of the expansion of the brick veneer when it is warmed by the sun.  Typically they form on the South West side of a home.  Wedge cracks can form on any corner of the home.  According to my sources even THIS pictured wedge crack does not require repair because the brick above is still in place and otherwise supported. These cracks are not an indication of a deficiency in the foundation.  If the cracking at a corner becomes very bad, the concrete wedge may become loose and even fall off (pictured).  In extreme cases, the wedge will no longer adequately support the brick veneer above; when this happens, the corner will need to be repaired.  This is a concrete repair and not a foundation repair. AGAIN, wedge cracks are not foundation issues.

foundation with wedge cracks

foundation with wedge cracks
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  1. Scott Sledge · Floresville High School
    Scott Sledge · Floresville High School says:

    Great information to have! I know a lot of buyers who get scared when they see this, believing it’s a sign of major foundation issues. Thanks for sharing!

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