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Checklist for new or existing house inspection

Experts recommend that whenever you buy or sell a home that you should have a professional house inspection performed so that you can be made aware of any potential problems with the property. If you have never had an inspection performed on your current home, it’s recommended that you book one in as soon as possible.

Undergoing a house inspection isn’t just about identifying the potential problems, it’s also about understanding more about the property and what care and maintenance it will need over time, which is why home inspections are so crucial. Of course, when it comes to home inspections, not all inspections are equal in terms of quality. So you need to make sure that you are using a reputable inspector.

You see, a home inspection is a diagnosis of the current ‘health’ of the property, and also a guide to how you can keep the property in good shape. Knowing the condition of the most important areas of the property is vital, as it gives you a better insight into the care and maintenance that is needed now or will be required in the future.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to ensure that all of the right things are addressed in your property’s inspection report so that you know your inspector knows what they are talking about. So, what should be involved in a home inspection?

An important area that should be checked in a professional home inspection is the foundation of your property. Any problems with it, such as cracking, for instance, should be noted down. A property with damaged foundations can have all sorts of problems, including dampness, which is why it’s so important that the foundations are checked properly for any issues.

A property’s drainage is of the utmost importance as if there isn’t adequate drainage it can lead to standing water on the foundations, causing cracking and other issues to be more likely. So it’s crucial that drainage is assessed.

The roof of a property is an area that is often not seen by the owners, which is why an assessment of it is so important. If the roof covering is damaged in some way, it can lead to leaks, damp, and can make it easier for pests to enter the property.

When it comes to attics, a lot of homeowners don’t know how to spot the signs of potential problems, such as signs of pests, areas of damp, and other easy to miss signs, which is why an assessment of the attic is a vital part of a home assessment.

Dodgy electrical systems are incredibly dangerous and can lead to all sorts of problems. That is why it’s crucial to have a check of your property’s electrical circuits as part of your home inspection, as that way you can have any serious problems dealt with.

A lot of homeowners don’t understand how crucial it is to have healthy plumbing in a property, which is why having an assessment of the property’s drains and plumbing is so important. The last thing you want is a burst pipe or a leaking tap that’s costing your hundreds each year in water waste.

When it comes to the inspector who is assessing your property, it’s important to take the age of the equipment that they are using into account.

Today, a lot of modern inspectors use thermal imaging to help spot leaks and potential problems not visible to the naked eye. Many inspectors also choose to use drones with cameras attached to survey properties for all angles. The key to a high-quality inspection is up to date equipment, as well as a thorough approach.

Every Bumblebee House Inspection includes:

  • Printed or digital PDF report versions (including thermographic and digital images) from the inspection with a complete summary of deficiencies
  • Professional, Friendly Home Inspection Expert
  • Maintenance Tips and Lifecycles


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