Hear from my satisfied customers…

Highest Recommendation
“I had Joe drop by to inspect my home before our 10 month warranty inspection. He was the consummate professional. Having conducted home inspections for many, many years, Joe offered insights on ensuring the longevity of our home, as well as tips and techniques for beautification and easy home improvement. Joe provided great service and information, all in a very relaxed, approachable way. For these reasons, Bumblebee Home Inspection garners my highest recommendation!”
Matt M.

New Home Inspection
“Joe did our home inspection and was very honest knowledgeable and punctual. It is nice to find someone we could trust. I will be recommending him to our neighbors as they will be needing a inspection too. We built a new home last year and needed a professional inspection before we met with our builder at our 1 year meeting. Glad we came upon Joe!”
Stormy D.

Very Happy
“Joe made thorough work of our inspection. We were very happy with his work ethic and his review of the property. Highly recommend.”
JC Pohl

Top Pick for Inspections
“Bumble Bee Inspections gave my property a thorough inspection with insightful and professional information. Everything was done in a timely manner, from the inspection to the written report. I stumbled across their name on the internet by accident, best accident of the year. I HIGHLY recommend their services.”
Tracy Anderson

Good Neighbor Sam
“I call Joe, My good neighbor Sam. You know the neighbor with the right tool for the job, with the sage advice. The one you can trust. I cannot recommend this decent and honest many highly enough. I know you’ll be saying the same when you choose Joe for your Home Inspection.”
Elizabeth Mccallam

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