Thermal Imaging Uncovers Hard to Find Water Leaks

What do you think?
Is there a ceiling leak above this fireplace?
There is no visible stain…

brick wall and the ceiling

My thermal camera image says there is moisture.
Are you convinced yet?

infared image

moisture meterMy Moisture Meter confirms a leak around the fireplace chimney. The moisture level reading is “Over the Limit” (OL).

Home Inspectors are much like Doctors. They can’t make a diagnosis solely based on a complaint or observation. They need objective evidence like lab work and imaging tests to confirm and give you a diagnosis. I will stop short of calling myself the “House Doctor.”

In the case of this deceptive water leak, I confirmed my thermal imaging opinion with my moisture meter. There is a water leak above this fireplace.

Every Bumblebee House Inspection includes thermographic readings and images, plus:

  • Printed or digital PDF report versions (including thermographic and digital images) from the inspection with a complete summary of deficiencies
  • Professional, Friendly Home Inspection Expert
  • Maintenance Tips and Lifecycles