Clean out and maintain gutters

Yea, my mind is in the gutter…literally!  Fido left a fetch in the gutter. Just reaching out to you all in a fun way to remind you to clean your gutters. Cleaning the gutters yourself or hiring help to do it for you can be one of those seasonal items on your home maintenance checklist. Gutter covers can really help cut down on clogs from leaves and errant tennis balls.

And if you don’t have gutters get them. The cost of installing gutters and downspouts is minimal compared to the damage that unchecked water falling around your foundation can do over time.

Gutters control moisture around your foundation.

Controlling moisture around your home’s foundation will:

  • protect your foundation from movement
  • deter termites
  • prevent rot

Those are just a few of the MANY benefits that gutters provide for your home.

person on a ladder cleaning leaves out of rain gutters