San Antonio septic Inspections

typically include excavating underground tanks which require periodic access for cleaning or servicing. Most notably, septic tanks are typically pumped out every few years or even, in some cases, annually or more frequently. Other components of septic systems such as distribution boxes also often require periodic servicing. In order to gain access workers commonly use metal rods to first locate the component and then they must remove the dirt above the component which is labor-intensive. Often, workers must remove dirt over a fairly wide area to correctly locate the lid of the tank. Obviously, the conventional methods of locating and gaining access to underground drainage and septic components is time consuming and expensive. Many municipalities require grade level access to underground components, so as to prevent such components from becoming “lost” which frequently occurs.

Septic Lids and Risers

allow access to your septic tank to the top of the ground or just above ground level depending on what you want. In most areas, regulations require risers on septic systems or they will not pass an inspection. The initial cost may be a bit more, but it is worth the expense to avoid having someone dig up your yard in order to locate the septic tank! If your current tank does not have a riser, it can be added easily.

septic Tank Riser
Easy Septic Tank Access