Active termites destroying part of a home.

Termites eating a wall

Termite Infestation and Treatment

Seeing a termite mound or trail in or around your home can really ruin a person’s day. The damage that a termite queen and her colony can do to a home is downright mortifying. If your home is termite free, you can take some precautions to keep it that way. Properly installed and maintained gutters are a deterrent to moisture, rot and termites. Keeping firewood and other wood products safely away from your home also helps.

Tell-tale signs of these wood destroying insects include:

  • Termite wings that are dropped after termites migrate to a new home,
  • mud tubes around the foundation,
  • and hollow, tunnelled out wood that termites have been feeding on.

Unfortunately, Central Texas is one of the areas that has high levels of termite damage. Stay on top of termite prevention to keep your home termite-free.