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Septic Smart Week September 17-21 2018

Pump that septic because we all live downstream.  Did you know that traditional septic tanks only capture 30% of the septic waste you flush?  The rest of that waste is processed in the soil. Poor maintenance and lack of septic tank cleaning leads to premature failure which pollutes the environment, causes property damage and results in costly septic system repair/replacement. Cost to repair are not generally  covered by homeowner insurance or warranties but rather covered by your pocketbook. Failure to maintain septic tanks causes backups all across Austin TX every year and cause pollution to families down stream.  This phenomenon is not usually news worthy like when a city lets go of a bunch of wastewater during a storm by accident, it is more of the silent polluter.  Pumping your septic tank regularly keeps systems running optimally and reduces the risk of environmental pollution and property damage in your home from sudden back ups.  Clean your Central Texas septic system today.  Call Bumblebee Septic Tank Cleaning Service and schedule pumping today.  512-774-5094  or book online at www.bumblebeehomeinspection.com/schedule